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Cargle Lawn Care works hard to develop a lasting relationship with our North Charlotte customers. We understand the importance this area plays in the health of our waterways, and we go to great extremes to insure that nothing we do to make your North Charlotte home lawn look better, without causing problems downstream.

Our success comes from taking the hassle out of having a thick green, weed free lawn, as well as exceeding our customers' expectations! We make sure our customer's lawn stands out for the right reasons: thick, healthy, and weed free turf. Our commitment to the environment gives you peace of mind with our Integrated Pest Management system. We offer the best value and give you the lawn you deserve!

Unlike the large, nationally owned lawn care companies that are more interested in giving you what they say you need, we are locally owned and operated. We provide personal service, reasonable pricing, and reliable service based on what your lawn and soil need.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate either for one of our complete lawn care packages, or for scheduled mowing services.

North Charlotte

Here in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina, we have both warm and cool season grasses. Each of these lawns require different handling. North Charlotte homeowners can trust that we will make certain that your lawn receives the proper treatment it requires.

North Charlotte, North Carolina Lawn Care Services

Beautiful lawns are the result of fantastic lawn care

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North Charlotte Lawn Maintenance and Scheduled Mowing Services

Regular lawn maintenance is an important function of growing a healthy lawn. Turfgrass is one of the few plants that actually benefits from regular, scheduled cutting. The mowing process actually stimulates a healthy turf root system that will better stand up to regular stresses created by Mother Nature.

Our Scheduled Mowing Services takes all the drudgery out of keeping your lawn looking good and well manicured. You can spend more time relaxing on the yard instead of working on the lawn. Contact us for a free, no-obligation mowing estimate, or use our handy online estimate request.

More information about our Lawn Maintenance and Scheduled Mowing Services >>

Integrated Pest Management for a Healthier North Charlotte Lawn

We believe in providing what is called an Integrated Pest Management program. That means our goal is to do everything in our power to create a healthy soil that is ideal for your lawn to thrive. We test the soil to understand what it needs, and then provide those elements necessary to bring it in balance. We don't just spray for insects or weeds. When weeds do appear, we will spot treat for them in a responsible manner. When turf damaging lawn insects become a problem, we will treat for them.

Looking at the entire lawn is our way of making sure it is in balance as nature intended. You get a better, eco-friendly lawn; a lawn that not only looks good, but is good.

Continuing Service Guarantee

Our service continues from year to year without need for re-signing your home or business. Because lawn care treatments involve applications that must be applied early in the year, it is important to make sure those treatments are applied at the correct time. If you wish to make changes to your program, please notify us as soon as possible. Applications already made prior to changes will be billed at the regular rate.